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We’ve been helping people find solutions to people problems for over a decade.

We work with people that want and need the best from life and looking to get the very best from life.

If you are prepared make some changes and get the results you know you deserve then you are in the right place. 

from average to excellence, facilitated by Simon Harvey

We have worked with clients from many industries, from superyacht captains and crew to professionals in the medical, hospitality and travel industries.

We are invested in helping people get the best from life regardless of the circumstances that confront them, and we are here to help you achieve the results you want and deserve.

Using the latest scientific models we work one on one or in groups to help unlock human potential.

Simon Harvey


Simon Harvey is director of N2 Peopleskills and comes with a wide scope of knowledge and understanding from working within several industries and holding various roles.

Super yacht captain to entrepreneur to Mindfulness meditation teacher, Simon offers his clients a new perspective on getting the very best from their own human potential.  

A solid leadership and management experience coming from both the superyacht industry and corporate background we offer a wide scope of troubleshooting in communication and team performance.

We believe that in order to get the best from life and help others, you must make sure you have done the work first on yourself.  

We are constantly learning and looking at systems for leverage and work hard at staying on top of today’s new knowledge in human potential and mind body connection.

Simon Harvey is trained in personality and behaviour and is certified to facilitate MBTI type II.

He also is an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, meditation and mindfulness teacher, and completed the Integrating Science coaching course with Dr David R Hamilton on bridging science with the optimum potential of mind and body. 

Simon believes that in order to give the best to his clients he also has to stay on top of his own personal development and has worked with Tony Robbins on his Ultimate Edge program. 

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finding balance in leadership  

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