N2 Peopleskills, where you find the solutions to getting the best from work and life.

As the name implies, we are all about people and skills,  and the development of them.

N2 works with individual’s and teams to raise self-awareness development and communication.

From here we offer avenues such as personal development, team cohesion and development, and integrating science with mind and body to grow people and performance.

Using scientific models we help clients tap into their true potential. 

Whether you are interested in looking more into the power of being more spiritually aware, or want to tap into your own skills and unique abilities via personality and behaviour development. We are open to all questions, problems and people issues.

Simon Harvey is director of N2 and comes with a wide scope of knowledge and understanding in several industries. From leadership and management in the superyacht industry as captain to several decades of corporate officer, to business owner and personal coach.  Simon likes to push boundaries, open new doors and take on people problems with an open mind.

Looking to systems we live with and in, we can help you leverage your existing skills and abilities, find points in your systems that can tap greater performance, and look at changing existing paradigms to results in better performance and happiness.

Having studied and trained  in personality and behaviour for several decades, then becoming a certified facilitator of MBTI and Everything DiSC, Simon continues his journey of learning and development with mind training and daily yoga, meditation and mindfulness. 

Most recently Simon Harvey completed a coaching course with Dr David R Hamilton on Integrating Science. This a course that looked deeply into bridging science with the optimum potential of mind, body and holistic approaches.

Whether a CEO privatly seeking to build more confidence, a skilled flight attendant wanting to communicate better, or a superyacht captain just wanting to give better leadership, we help you achieve more.

ACHIEVE MORE with N2peopleskills

Whether you know where you want help, or at the beginning stages of trying to figure out a problem that’s stopping you, (or your organization), from moving forward, we can help.

Today front line science shows our thoughts and mind can physically change your body and the chemical balance within.

Your thoughts can and do release chemicals, and these can add benefits, or in certain situations add negatives.

If you are ready to learn more about what we do, find out about the hidden potential you have, and interested in tapping into this, your true potential, contact us today

We believe to get the best you must have a growth mindset and openness to change.

finding balance in leadership

  • If your are ready to get better results from what you do in life or at work.
  • Looking to fix a nagging issue you’ve had but not sure where to start ? 
  • Want to leverage the new understading from neuroscience and knowledge  from top authors on mind body connection.

Don’t wait another moment.  

Get in contact today and start a new day with new mental models of what is possible.

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