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N2 Peopleskills, offers solutions for people looking to get the best from themselves and the people they work with. 

We have worked with clients from the superyacht, medical, hospitality and travel industries for over ten years helping both individuals and teams to find greater success and fulfillment both in and out of the workplace.

We are invested in helping people get the best from life regardless of the circumstances that may confront you, and help you achieve the results you want.

Using the latest scientific models along with tried and tested methods to help unlock potential we work with you to change what needs to be changed and get the results you want.

Simon HarveySimon Harvey is director of N2 Peopleskills and offers a wide scope of knowledge and understanding from working within several industries and holding various roles.

With solid leadership and management experience in both the superyacht industry as a captain, to several decades as corporate officer, to business owner, personal coach and mindfulness teacher.

Simon lives by the same ideology and ethos he uses in his coaching practice. To get the best from life and help others do the same, you must first make sure you have done the work on you.  

Always learning and looking at systems for leverage, we help you find points in systems you live and work in, to help you tap into and gain greater fulfilment, happiness and heath.

Trained  in personality and behaviour,  certified facilitator of MBTI and Everything DiSC,  and meditation and mindfulness teacher, Simon continually works on his own development along with researching new methods as they emerge to be able to offer the very best to clients .

Most recently he completed a coaching course with Dr David R Hamilton on Integrating Science and bridging science with the optimum potential of mind and body and working with Tony Robbins on his Ultimate Edge program. 

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