Are you secretly wishing for changes in Behaviour?

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Are you secretly wishing for changes in Behaviour?

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Do you have behaviour you wish was not happening, or maybe you are a business owner and would just like to see more from employees and team!

Many a captain, officer, and yes, even crew (when asked off the record), will tell you they would like to see changes aboard their respective vessel’s in some way. It may be in safety, performance, personal etiquette, team performance, or general people skills and just getting along with others. Yet so few are willing to stand up and start those changes within themselves.


But why would you want to change yourself and your behaviour, when it is the other people that need to do exactly that?


Well that’s the point. There is no sure fire way to get other people to change their behaviour unless you are willing to change yours first.


The behaviour you’re offering today, yesterday and the day before….. is obviously not getting the results you want, otherwise you would not be in the situation you are in now.

Poor bahaviour

But if you change the environment people work and live in (and you can do that by changing your own behaviour), you will see they will adapt and change their behaviour!

It’s really that simple.

The good part is this is all within your control, and quite easy to do. The harder part is knowing what change in behaviour you need to make.

You read correctly…..

I’m saying you are one of the causes of the behaviour you specifically do not want!

Your behaviour in leadership (personal or otherwise), sets a tone and creates the environment others work in, react to, and behave in. Good, bad and ugly, we are very much part of the environment, and this is a huge driver to behaviour.

If you enter a room where the environment is loud, where there is shouting going on, your behaviour will soon adapt.

If you enter that same room but find everyone quietly talking your behaviour will be different. If you want to change the behaviour of people then you have to somehow change the environment they are reacting, adapting to.

If you say you have an open door policy for employees to come and talk to you about anything, any problems or queries. Yet you rarely show much emotion on your face when talking to anyone, and barely take any time to connect with crew or employees on their own turf, then its likely your door is not going to get used much, open or not!

Are you ready for change


If you are a crew member you allow others to bully you, or speak in a derogatory manner to you and do nothing about it, never speak up to a superior. Then the only change is likely going to be in your own performance (downwards) and eventual change in jobs.

Other people’s behaviour tends to drive an environment and we adapt our behaviour to that environment. How we adapt is the important part, and being self-aware enough to know what our behaviour is doing to the environment around is even more so .

Do you just follow the mean, and go with the flow. The Easy Way.


Do you become more self-aware and find changes you can make in your own behaviour to shape that environment more to your liking?

If you have performance issues, personal, or personnel issues, team issues, or behaviour at work, and you would rather not have them. Look closely at your own behaviour for clues to change the environment that everyone is adapting to.

Can you change

Leadership is where it all begins. And we are all leaders in some form or another.

Take some time to learn more about yourself.

Find out why you do the things you do and you may be surprised by what you learn, the changes you can make, and the result it has on other people’s behaviour!Comments for N2

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