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Certified MBTI® facilitator, trained in DISC, mindfulness coach.

Personal and professional development coaching available for individuals, pairs and small groups. If you are looking to make positive changes at work, in life, or both don’t wait, start getting better results today.

Having traveled and worked extensively in many countries for over 30 years, I offer coaching to all ages and professions. With nine years working aboard super yachts and many more working from shore in recruitment and professional coaching in the USA, I offer people skills development for superyacht captains and crew that want to close the gaps between potential and performance.

I have worked with many professions from corporate CEO’s, CFO’s, flight attendants, heads of department, engineers, officers and captains.

So as a partnership, we will together aim to achieve a speedy increased and sustainable effectiveness through focused learning. Our main aim always is to increase self-awareness and identify choices you may not have seen before. We work together to your agenda to close any gaps between potential and performance.

The philosophy:

  • I believe each individual has the potential to succeed in their chosen career.
  • I believe you have what you need within but may require some guidance and tools to help refine and sharpen skills and attain your true potential and close the gaps between potential and performance.


I offer an initial free interview coaching session to all clients to discuss your goals, needs and answer questions you may have.

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Personal Development Coach

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The value of personal development?

You can’t buy these from a store, but you can have them if you are willing to invest… in YOU:

  • Better results from communications you have with others.
  • More self confidence, less stress and anxiety.
  • Better results from any leadership or management position.
  • More control over emotions and better relationships at work and in life.
  • Better results from working smarter not harder.
  • Happier living.


Personal development is a journey not a destination.

We’ve worked with and helped many people from all walks of life. Superyacht Captains, troubled teens, lawyers, successful fashion designer, CEO’s and many more. If you want to get more from your life, call today.

  • Are you developing goals to create the results you desire.
  • Are you gaining positive energy from communication and relationships?

If not now, when ?

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We attend many different shows and always happy to talk about goals or answer questions you may have. Check out the N2 People Skills Face Book page for updates and daily tips.

We use both Everything DiSC and MBTI as these are both great for individual and team performance and communications.

Areas of exploration


  • Understanding fears, how to overcome them
  • How you are energized
  • What matters in your life, clarifying priorities
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety, finding a better work/life balance
  • Learning to deal with difficult or challenging people
  • Finding greater enjoyment from work
  • Climbing the career ladder
  • Enhancing communication in the workplace
  • Better leadership and managing people
  • Procrastination and decision making
  • Personal  relationships

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A little about Simon Harvey?

Simon Harvey Simon Harvey 2 Simon Harvey

Born on the coast of Norfolk, Simon grew up in Guildford in the UK. At 22 he moved to the Med and started working on super yachts and quickly climbed the ranks to captain.

At the age of 30, Simon moved to the USA to manage some very large homes and estates in Virginia and Florida. Always learning and looking to better himself and learn more about himself,  Simon climbed the corporate ladder to take the reins as president of a real estate holdings company at 36. From setting up a large restaurant and Inn, staffing and working at the Restaurant as MD and managing the building of an Inn and several other building projects, Simon’s education has been far reaching.  After four years in the corporate world in roles of leadership and management Simon went on to start a successful lifestyle management company of his own in Virginia. This also allowed Simon the freedom to follow his heart and volunteer as a Court appointed special advocate (CASA) working with abused and neglected children. As a CASA volunteer he continue developing his skills as a mentor and coach and became qualified as a certified MBTI facilitator and also went onto train more in Everything DiSC.

Building on leadership and management roles and his seven years as a CASA, Simon was able to work further on developing his self-awareness and started to coach one on one with professionals. Mainly with yachting to begin as this was also an area he was well educated in, but later also branching out to other professions and professionals from all walks of life.

Some of the foundational theories Simon uses in coaching are:

  •  Mindset (see Carol Dweck – Mindset).
  • Mindfulness (awareness).
  • The theories of Systems Thinking ( Donella H. Meadows – Peter Senge – Russ Ackoff).
  • Emotional intelligence (Daniel Goleman).
  • Mbti and DiSC


Make an investment in yourself today, you won’t regret it.

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Looking forward to hearing from you and working with you soon.

Warmest, Simon Harvey