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East Wittering​ SUMMER 2019
Drop in
Meditation class

Are you interested in learning about mindfulness meditation and receiving the benefits of meditation? Then this is the class for you
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Interested in Walking Meditation
Walking meditation on the Beach
Walking meditation is one of the most useful ways to bring awareness into daily life. Few of us since learning to walk have probably paid much attention to exactly how walking feels. And why for the most part walking meditation can be simpler said than done. BUT, with a little guidance this is a wonderful way to develop calm, connectedness, and embodied awareness.
Meditation and visualisation by Simon Harvey
Simon Harvey


If you have never tried walking meditation, this is your chance to add this wonderful form of mindfulness meditation to your practice!

We meet at the end of Shore Rd where there is good walking access to the beach. 

We use the hard sand to walk on so times vary from week to week as we walk on a falling tide. This is one reason you have to book as some weeks the tide is not favorable.

Pay and display parking can be found at this location (PO20 8hf) or you may be lucky to find parking on the street.

This guided walking meditation is on a booking basis only as we keep numbers low.  If you have any interest it’s highly recommend you sign up NOW and register your interest so you get your chance to join this wonderful walking meditation.  

Register your interest today in with a twist!

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