Recruiting Crew

Recruiting Crew

Crew recruitment

Client: All yacht sizes, all positions

Skills: Selection, Onboarding, Performance

The cost of making a recruiting mistake is high and turnover impacts not only the bottom line but also safety and crew performance.

We work with you and/or your crew recruitment agency or management company of choice in supplying DiSC profiles for selected recruits to enhance your interview process.

While these profiles should never be used as a stand alone recruitment or selection tool, they are excellent in opening up dialouge that might not normally occur in the interview process. This can lead to finding the perfect match for your position or give you information that will make decision making a lot more objective.

We are all complex and adaptable human beings and able to modify our behaviour according to what is most appropriate and useful in any given situation. Profile information is used to enhance the interview process and open up windows for investigation. The profiles do not measure a person’s skills or abilities and should not be used to judge skills or abilities. We recommend if interviewers have not taken a profile themselves that this be done to add more understudying overall of the tools.

We also offer an analysis  service.