New Build

This is for superyacht owners building a new yacht. We do not manage yacht builds. What we do is help you and your advisors and team to build a crew around you and your yacht. Building a yacht takes years and vast sums of money. But what you get back in return has more to do with your captain and crew than the build of the yacht. With this in mind we believe that time should be taken from the start to build and develop a great team. If you want the very best to go with the yacht you are building, then don't wait a moment longer. Get in touch today.

Psychometric Tools

Certified facilitator of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) step I and II and Everything DiSC®. We offer captains, officers and professionals from all walks of life the opportunity to truly tap into their potential. We can help the individual and teams with communication, sales, customer service and leadership and management. If you are looking to get a better idea of what others see when they interact with you and how you can leverage your potential. Get in touch today.

Raising Communication

Communication. Results only come from good communication. Without you are going to be doing a lot of guessing and while you maybe comfortable with risk getting communication wrong can be far reaching. We can improve your communication success and help you get to where you want with a lot less stress and less hard work. If you want your communication to be smart, not hard, get in touch today.

Managing and Management

Managers are responsible for getting work done through others, they are expected to make decisions, solve problems, motivate and compliment others while guiding them. If all the people you manage were predictable and the same, the position would be easy. But we know people are not all the same, they do not look at risk in the same light and they do have different preferences how they communicate and want to be directed. If you want an easier job, want better results then get in touch today.

Team Development

Teamwork is how you achieve top results when people are required to work together. But some of us get caught and hope that putting a group of top performers together will multiply performance. This rarely happens and can sometimes give the opposite result. People develop into great teams primarily though communication. It is not however what they communicate, but how they communicate that make the difference. Goals, roles and procedures along with trust, conflict, commitment and accountability all must be considered when developing your team. If you want better results from an existing team, or the best from a new team. Contact us today.

One to One Coaching

Personal and professional coaching is anyone looking to get more from life/work. If you want to get more from your work position, want more from life in general and ready to take a closer look at yourself, you are in the right place. Get in contact today and start answering the questions you may have been asking yourself but never seem to quite have the answers to. Whatever your profession we can help you move forward. Contact SImon today.


Leadership is required of all people. But if you have people that look to you for guidance, instruction and a vision of where they are going, this skill is something that is required in trumps. Leadership is personal, and because it is we believe you as a leader should fully understand yourself to the ninth degree. As people skills educators we have the tools and expertise to help you build your self-awareness and take your leadership to the next level. Don't wait, call today.