Life is beautiful, and if you go at it right the results can be exhilarating. Here at N2 peopleskills we are all about people and helping them get more from life whatever it throws at you. 

We help people tap into their strength of body and mind and help you get results you want.

Leap of faith

We have been helping people from many industries find the right questions and answers.

In most cases the answer was not that difficult to achieve.  But sometimes it was just a little difficult to find.

What are you waiting for

With just a little help most of us can be like a sparkler lighting. 

You can go from feeling stuck to finding the light to see your direction.

With decades of life experience few will have lived, along with training in many fields from personality and behaviour profile insight to meditation and mindfulness. We offer experience and tools few leadership trainers or life coaches have, or have lived through.  

We do not shout our success across social media, or name our clients, because we believe in our results.

be the best version of you

As the name implies we are into –  N2 people skills, and as most people problems are exactly that. We help people learn and develop better people skills by constantly working on our own.

Simon Harvey



My name is Simon Harvey I’m the director of N2 Peopleskills and come with decades of life knowledge, experience  and understanding about the stuff life throws stuff at you.

I have had my fair share of people problems, most of them mine, and worked and volunteered in many different areas in my career.

From a superyacht deck hand to 1st Officer, and captain, I spent a decade at sea in the superyacht industry before moving ashore to take on project management roles for the yacht owner I was captain for. 

From there I worked for five years in the corporate environment as president of a real estate holdings company in the USA, and then formed and built a successful Lifestyle Management company in Virginia, USA.

Through this period I studies and trained in personality, behaviour and meditation and continued to work with superyacht captains and crew on people skills development.

In 2013 I had to move to UK to look after my  ageing parents and formed N2peopleskills Ltd in the UK. 

We have worked in crew recruitment, leadership and people skills development, and been part of crew training projects aimed at crew in shipyards along with continued one on one peopleskills development.

I have worked for and with people from a broad range of industries such as superyacht, medical, film and TV, along with regular folks who just wanted to get more from life when they felt they were stalling.

sharing ideas 4life a better life

With my life experiences my education has been constantly ongoing. I have been fortunate to have worked for and with some brilliant crew on superyachts, worked for and with captains that led by mentorship, and as a father of two wonderful children and married for over 30 years have amassed a veritable tool box of solutions for many of life’s people problems. 

I have also always been someone that believes in personal development  and have taken on volunteer roles both in the USA and here in the UK that required both training and continual developmen of skills.  From simple human interaction to emotional attachment, social discrimination, addiction and recovery, autism, personality, behaviour, mental models, mindset, depression and more, I continually work to evolve and learn new skills. 

And as I am certified to facilitate MBTI and DISC I thought I would share my MBTI type (INTP), and my DiSC is Di

And while we are on sharing, I’m also dyslexic, so please excuse any typos I’ve missed. 

To finish I will add that I am proud to say that since my return to UK I have also been teaching meditation and mindfulness and completed a 40 hr course; Integrating Science coaching with Dr David R Hamilton in Scotland, bridging science with the optimum potential of mind and body.

Amongst other things I continue my training in many other self development theories along with my volunteer role with young people, and spend about an hour a day in the early (5am), morning on my own personal development. This includes, gratitude, affirmations, meditations, Wim Hof method breathing exercises, cold showers and cold water swimming.

Who have been my coaches and mentors? 

There have been many, but some are the following: Tony Robbins on his Ultimate Edge program. David Hamilton Phd, Carol Dweck, Gabrielle Bernstein, Lama Norlha Rinpoche, Deepak Chopra, Dr Joe Dispenza, Thich Nhat Hanh, the Yawanawá tribe, Professor Russ Ackoff, all of the Al-Anon family groups in USA I attended over a two year period, and all the teachers and therapists I have studied with in the past 40 plus years from many fields including neuro and brain science, adoption, foster work, abused and neglected children and other subjects linked to my volunteering roles.

ACHIEVE MORE with N2peopleskills

I have learnt in my years that there are few things in life that can not be achieved or solved if you are willing to make small changes while being open to look in the mirror.

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